The Department of Oncology at Indira Gandhi Co - Operative Hospital, Kochi is manned by highly qualified and well experienced surgeons and specialists. The oncology team consists of highly experienced and trained professionals who treat all kinds of cancers but with special expertise in breast cancer, colorectal tumors, endocrine tumors and lung cancer. The Division is also expanding care to patients with head and neck tumors. Every case of a potential cancer patient at Indira Gandhi Co - Operative Hospital is discussed by a multidisciplinary cancer team consisting of oncologists, internists, pathologists, pulmonologists, radiologists and surgeons. The aim of this team approach is to speed up the diagnostic and start relevant treatment as soon as possible, providing patients with comprehensive integrated care. Clinical and nursing staff play a critical role in the care provided. They are educated in all different cancer diagnoses, their relevant treatment and urgent situations where a patient’s life can be at risk including febrile neutropenia, spinal cord compression and vena cava superior syndrome.

Services Offered

  • Adjuvant treatment
  • Breast cancer  
  • Colorectal tumor 
  • Endocrine tumor 
  • Lung cancer 
  • Prophylactic check-ups   
  • Treatment for metastatic diseases
  • Surgical oncology lead by Dr. Jojo V Joseph MBBS, MS, MCh


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Intensive Care Unit


Intensive Care Unit



Intensive Care Unit





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